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Gender Programmes — Success Stories

31 March 2014 Gender Programmes
I will fight … I will win. I have no other option; I have to get my house together.
27 March 2014 Gender Programmes
We women will write our name on the whole sky and here we are, beginning from our own homes and village.
24 March 2014 Gender Programmes
Geetaben’s husband takes immense pride in her success and her journey with the SHG.
6 March 2014 Gender Programmes
Hemuben is now gearing towards shaping a campaign to uproot the alcohol problem grappling her village.
5 March 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction
The shelter support came as tremendous help as it has given a hope to begin life ones again.
4 March 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction
Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.
3 March 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction
For how long will these disturbances and conflict last? Our friendship is forever.