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Urban Poverty — News & Events

31 March 2014 Urban Poverty
The Comics gave a platform to the homeless residents across cities to express their true life stories.
31 March 2014 Kashmir
Urban and Rural Youths in Kashmir formed a Youth Network.
31 March 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
Micro plans highlighting the need for construction of village road were formed.
31 March 2014 Gender Programmes
No development is possible without the support of women.
26 March 2014 Gender Programmes
A crucial point of discussion was how to evolve socially and enhance participation of women.
25 March 2014 Gender Programmes
It was heartening to see the women of different communities coming together.
24 March 2014 Kashmir
We have listened a lot and talked a lot but we, as a women must act now.
19 March 2014 Gender Programmes
The SHGs were formed towards making the women self sufficient and economically stronger.
19 March 2014 Kashmir
A group of youth from rural Kashmir visited New Delhi.
6 March 2014 Youth Development
A multi stakeholder meeting was organised in Itanagar to discuss on youth issues.